The A-13A Pilot Watches

The A-13A Pilot Watch is a tool, it serves the sole purpose of telling the time in the most accurate, reliable, legible way possible. Both as a timepiece and as a chronograph. It is designed to be robust and to keep out dust and water; it’s made to last. We also think it has an added bonus: it looks cool as hell. But then, purpose-built things usually do.

A-13A Quartz

The need behind the design is simple: allow a pilot to tell the time at a glance while flying an aircraft in combat. Through research, study, trial and error, this is the result. As good today as when it was created.

A-13A Automatic (Flyback)

A-13A Pilot Watch is a venture that was born from my passions for flight, horology and precision mechanics. This is the second watch to take off from my drawing board. Hot on the success of the A-13A quartz chrono, I am now launching the mechanical version.

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Dear all I would like to share with you my quest for the "perfect pilot watch" that is giving me quite of a headache. I have been flying for fun since I was 18 and I had the luck to have very nice watches at my wrist, but unfortunately none of them were close to my own idea of The Perfect Pilot Watch: the aircraft clock A-13A.

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Fantastic. I can't believe that in all the decades of aviation chronos [no one has] pursued a central minute chrono. Thankfully we live in a time where one dreamer can make something like this happen. In the words of Guy Gagnier: "No dream is too big, no dreamer too small”.

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Earl G.

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In February 2016, Milan-based Paolo Fanton [...] planned to make a pilot watch, modeled on his favorite aircraft clock–the A-13A. Plenty of people say they’re going to do something. Fewer actually do it. But the pictures prove that Paolo was better than his words. [...].

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The new A-13A Flyback is an authentic masterpiece. Inspired by the single-seat fighter aircraft after World War II of the same name, it blends vintage design details into a timepiece that’s elegant in design, accurate in performance, and stylish in its commitment to the wearer. Simply put, watches of this caliber don't exist at this price.

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Cmdt Pasquale Ricciardi

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With his latest creation, Paolo Fanton enhances the rugged and practical needs of a pilot with the fine details only a brilliant engineer can achieve. Paolo achieved a perfect combination of both with the A-13A Automatic - it is nothing short of exceptional. At the heart of this masterpiece is a Swiss movement, but its soul is pure Italian sexiness....

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J. “Leester” L.

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As a watch enthusiast, I really enjoyed wearing the A-13A. I don’t usually wear the same watch multiple days in a row but wore the A-13A solely for 9 straight days on multiple flights, simulator sessions, and weekend adventures and never found myself wanting to wear anything else. As a pilot in an airplane that has a good chance of diverting often,...

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Tom” Dick” M.

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