Why the A-13A

The A-13A comes from passion, fascination and romance. A lifelong passion for flight, the fascination of precision mechanics an the romance of the era of piston-engined aircraft. It also comes from the realisation that, to this day, there simply isn’t a more effective way of reading the time quickly, accurately and from a distance than the A-13A military specification dial. The need behind the design is simple: allow a pilot to tell the time at a glance while flying an aircraft in combat. Through research, study, trial and error, this is the result. As good today as when it was created.


What is This?

The A-13A Pilot Watch is a tool, it serves the sole purpose of telling the time in the most accurate, reliable, legible way possible. Both as a timepiece and as a chronograph. It is designed to be robust and to keep out dust and water; it’s made to last. We also think it has an added bonus: it looks cool as hell. But then, purpose-built things usually do.

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A-13A - Legibility

Why does it not look like a chronograph?

It’s all about the legibility: when you are flying a plane you need to be able to read the elapsed time without being distracted for too long. A traditional chronograph has small subdials, so you have to take your eyes off the controls to read it, but with large, central seconds and minutes hands you can do this at a glance.

A-13A - Specifications

What about the overall look?

The dial and hands are as per MIL C 6499 military specification design of the clocks that equipped the American airforce’s planes in the ’50 and onwards. In fact the design is so effective that you still find it on modern airplanes to this very day. The case is also based on the MoD military spec WWW design from World War II, but we’ve made sure to incorporate some modern touches, such as curving the lugs downwards, to make it comfortable to wear.

A-13A - Packaging

And that packaging?

We figured that when you buy a watch, you want a watch and don’t really need extravagant, bulky double boxes that add little to its value. But that doesn’t mean we won’t deliver your timepiece in a cool package; in keeping with the aeronautical theme, we have created a container that resembles the tubes in which military spec spark plugs were supplied.

Data Sheet

Case Diameter 42 mm
Case diameter crown included 45,5 mm
Height lug to lug 50,8 mm
Lugs width 20 mm
Thickness 13,4 mm
Weight w/o strap 70 gr
Case AISI 316L
Water resistance 100 M, 330 feet
Glass Sapphire crystal
Antiglare Double coated (inside and outside)
Lume material White Luminova, one coat
Movement Quartz ETA 251.264 PWD, 27 jewel
Battery Type 394, diam. 9,50 mm, height 3,60 mm
Crown Screw down, double seals
Complication Central minute chrono hand
Strap Morelato, Cordura-Kevlar strap. Signature buckle
Spare parts Gasket and O-R Kit included
Color Black
Strap color Gunmetal grey